Zoom H2n
Zoom H2n

H2n, Portables Aufnahmegerät/Multitrack from Zoom in the H2 series.

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vsavagellc 05/12/2012

Zoom H2n: Produktbewertung von vsavagellc (content in English)

"Not to shabby, could be better "

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I really like this version of the H2n. I've used the 1st model which was good but this one is a lot better sounding in my opinion. I love the fact that there are different mic modes to choose from, this allows the user to get creative and really capture some interesting sounds before editing in post.

Before purchasing this H2n or the original version I had tried a few different ones from Tascam as wells Zoom's H4n (another good field recorder). In my opinion the H2n sounds pretty clean, there is a little noise in it, but you can't avoid that will lower end recorders.

I think it's priced reasonably fair for the quality you get from the mics on board.

I wish it had a regular field recorder's look rather than that of a condenser mic, but that's just personal perference.

If I were to start out fresh, looking for a good priced all purpose mic:

Field recording (amb sounds)
studio condenser
voice overs (basic)

I may go with the H2n, it has some great features, the mics sound really good, simple to use and the build quality is a tad bit better than the H1N Zoom (both are units have plastic builds)

If you're planning on doing any outside field recording I would strongly suggest purchasing a fury head. This is very similar to a wind screen or wind cutter. They look very similar to the hair found on the old school troll toys.

This is going to cut a lot of the wind you run into thus giving you better quality sound.

I'd also experiment with recording the same sound with the each mic option this way you can really control the dynamics of the sound once you're in post. This one main advantage the H2n has over most of the other portable recorders out there.

I gave this record a 6 overall because for the price it should include XLR input like many of the other recorders in it's price range.

All in all it's not bad for the money

Ps be careful of unit noise, make sure all recorded sounds are above the floor noise for best possible recordings