Samson Technologies Expedition XP40iw
Samson Technologies Expedition XP40iw

Expedition XP40iw, Portabler PA Lautsprecher from Samson Technologies in the Expedition Rechargeable series.

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JimboSpins 07/11/2012

Samson Technologies Expedition XP40iw: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"good but only 40 watts"

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The XP40iw is a 2 channel 40 watt portable PA system that can be used for the most basic situations. If you are running a small conference or even some sort of a meeting then it will work great. One plus with it is that it does have a built in iPod socket that you can use to plug your iPod up to and play your music through it. The reason that I don’t feel that this monitor that comes with it is good enough to use for performances is because it is only 40 watts and the sound is not that big.
The sound on this unit does not provide enough power and sound to fill up any of the venues that I am in on a regular basis and that is the reason why it would not work for me. I do still own it but rarely even get the chance to use it. I purchased it thinking that it was going to be a good system for me because it comes with a wireless microphone and the iPod socket on it. But after using it and playing music through it there was no way that it was going to be loud enough and provide enough thump for the clubs so I never even took the chance to use it there.
The microphone that comes with it is good; you can deliver some really good speeches or make announcements with this PA system. It would be great for outdoor family picnics and similar events. But it is not enough to add to your club gear to move the crowd. So for me it has become more of a fun thing to have and for a backup.

There are no outputs on this unit and it has a preamp for your microphone. The frequency response on it is not that good and the fact that it is only a 40 watt system does not work for me.