Alesis TransActive Mobile
Alesis TransActive Mobile

TransActive Mobile, Portabler PA Lautsprecher from Alesis in the TransActive series.

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JimboSpins 12/12/2012

Alesis TransActive Mobile: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"For small get togethers"

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The TransActive Mobile is more for a small party or small event. It is a portable PA system that has a built in iPod slot and it comes with a microphone. So even if you have never purchased a PA system before and don’t have anything to go with all you need to do is purchase the TransActive Mobile and you will have just what you need right out of the box to host with.


There are two speakers in t his cabinet but there are not EQ options so the sound you get is the sound you get no matter what. There are also no outputs which would have been a bonus just in case you wanted to get a bigger sound and just continue to use the same system. There is also no headphone out jack either which is not a must have since you purchase this to project your sound and not listen to it in headphones.


This speaker is not very big but it does have nice weight to it, it weighs over 40 pounds which has me a little uncomfortable with the “portable” part of it because for it only to be about 17 inches tall, it sure does have some weight to it.

Using the TransActive Mobile is very simple and it is all self explanatory. Right out of the box you can host a part or even do a karaoke gig for your friends and family. The microphone will work great for entertaining and it is a huge plus that it comes with one and you do not have to go purchase one on your own dime. There are 3 mixer channels and 1 mic preamp; giving you everything you need to project your voice to a small crowd. Do not think you can use this in a larger space though. There just is not enough power to project it that far. Keep it small and you will be just fine.