Peavey Rage 108
Peavey Rage 108

Rage 108, Portabler Gitarrenverstärker from Peavey in the Rage series.

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King Loudness 31/10/2011

Peavey Rage 108: Produktbewertung von King Loudness (content in English)

"Portable and cheap"

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The Peavey Rage 108 is an older model Peavey amp that was one of their first attempts at a cheap and portable amplifier. It has 2 channels, a shared EQ, and auxiliary and headphone inputs too. It puts out around 10 watts of power and is driven by a single small Peavey driver. There really isn't much to write home about with this amp, it just is what it is. Nothing really remarkable, just what is needed to get the job done.


The amp is not terribly hard to dial in. It certainly doesn't sound stellar by any means, but you can dial it in for some passable tones, though certainly not as good ad the later Peavey Rage amps like the 158. The tones are a bit flat and generic sounding... the transtube technology that was refined on the 158 was simply stellar and had a wonderful tubelike tone. This amp just seems to sound very small and compressed, making the tones a bit more lifeless to my ears.


This amp doesn't sound all that great when pitted against more modern practice amps that either off a better tone or more features. This model has two channels, the clean sounding very stiff and boring... no sparkle or life there, and the drive channel which has hints of sounding decent but overall it's just got a certain buzziness and harsh quality that makes it unpleasant to play through. The EQ doesn't really do a whole lot of justice to changing the tone, and the small speaker really just makes the amp sound too boxy.


All in all I think there are better choices out there than this amp. It doesn't offer much in the features department and the tones are pretty mediocre at best. Peavey later released the Rage 158 which is far superior to this amp and can be had for probably close to the same price. I would stay away from this amp... there are better options out there.