Hufschmid Guitars PHD Standard (jazz type)
Hufschmid Guitars PHD Standard (jazz type)

PHD Standard (jazz type), Plektrum from Hufschmid Guitars.

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ShreyasSkandan 22/06/2013

Hufschmid Guitars PHD Standard (jazz type): Produktbewertung von ShreyasSkandan (content in English)

"Cannot play without it!"

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For the last couple of years of my playing, i've been using the Dunlop Ultex Sharps. I got hooked onto those picks, but i noticed they would wear out very quickly and easily. I realised that i was going through at least 5-6 picks a month even with not much playtime. I started looking around for a new plectrum to try out when i came across Hufschmid Picks. I've seen Patrick's work (guitars) on a few forums over the last 5-6 years, and I was quite impressed. But i had no idea he was making plectrums now. I decided to go ahead and order a few.

As soon as I received it, I realised that these things were durable. They're crafted out of excellent material, and in a few hours I got used to it, and I haven't been able to switch to another pick since then. In all honesty, I did try a few others after the PHD, like the John Petrucci Signature Jazz pick, because I couldn't really afford to keep a bunch of these around, but nothing came close to how good the PHD felt.

A friend of mine had a bunch of extra PHDs that he offered to send me. I accepted them gladly, and i've only been using these since December last year. I've gone through 2 picks so far, which I think is amazing, and I look forward to trying out other picks from Patrick's arsenal and not to forget, he has been a pleasure to deal with. He's been very generous so far, and extremely quick in his responses to my queries. He's very dedicated to his work and I'm looking forward to what else he has in store!