Hufschmid Guitars Drop Picks
Hufschmid Guitars Drop Picks

Drop Picks, Plektrum from Hufschmid Guitars.

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Jem7rb 01/08/2012

Hufschmid Guitars Drop Picks: Produktbewertung von Jem7rb (content in English)

"The new Tivar is amazing material, Must try one!"

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A Quick Review of Patrick Hufschmid's Tivar Drops.


i'll start off as normal with a blatant plug for my good friend Patrick follow that link
spend a few Euro's and obtain what i consider to be some
of the nicest and wear frienldy picks i've ever used.

Awhile ago Patrick started using a new hi-tech material called Tivar, it is an amazing type of material, so ready on ;)


The Drops are pointed with a fat body, tapering to the point, a stubby rear that quickly curves to make the rear of the pick, much like the standard Drops, however it has a little more width at the body whilst depth and length stay the same and give a nice point.

Ease of Use.

Now, i wasn't really sure what to expect with this material, it's grippy and very waxy feeling, super comfortable and ideal for anyone with RSI or Carpel Tunnel where you don't need to grip so tightly with these the pain and length of use is greatly increased, Comfortable, undroppable and great for anyone whom suffers muscle fatigue with plectrums, it's a winning situation.

Sound Quality.

Now, this is where my biggest suprise happened, they have an almost muted softened attack, beautiful cleans and a bluesy almost woody tone, utterly tremendous, however attack a bit harder and the pick responds by giving that clarity of attack only a super stiff pick can, the material is self lubricating and as such glides across the strings with barely any effort, attack the strings with the pick slightly tilted and you get a much mellower almost laid back sound, they really are very very tonally useable.


This was a shock, after 2 hours of playing hard, and really quite honestly trying to find fault and destroy the pick, really hitting the strings with all the aggression of Slayer fighting Slipknot and it's not even showing a single mark, i'm both stunned and speechless, Patrick might have found the most awesome material in Tivar, i love it already.


i will summarize quickly and without fancifulness, its a great material, almost perfectly suited to guitar picks, there is little in the way of comparison with other boutique plectrum makers, this is quite literally a product for the person that wants the very best and useable products.

Patrick Hufschmid is pushing the boundaries of guitar picks, making a product i think we will all be seeing a lot more off, i'm extremely interested in seeing what the Ketron material is like once there is more available.

Robert Hayter