Dunlop Ultex Standard 1.14 mm
Dunlop Ultex Standard 1.14 mm

Ultex Standard 1.14 mm, Plektrum from Dunlop belonging to the Ultex Standard model.

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nickname009 20/01/2012

Dunlop Ultex Standard 1.14 mm: Produktbewertung von nickname009 (content in English)


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This has become my ultimate go to pick for fast riffing and heavy tones. Thick sounding, no flapping and takes forever to wear out! Way better than the original tortex standards that have been around for generations. These are a much better improvement in terms of how long they last. I think some people can notice tone differences between the ultex and the standards but to me the feel and tone are both the same, except the ultex lasts longer, so why not go for the ultex???

Great picks! Try'em out! They're the cheapest investments to changing the sound of your guitar without needing much!!