Dunlop Ultex Sharp
Dunlop Ultex Sharp

Ultex Sharp, Plektrum from Dunlop belonging to the Ultex Sharp model.

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nickname009 26/02/2012

Dunlop Ultex Sharp: Produktbewertung von nickname009 (content in English)

"my new favorite pick for EVERY style!"

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Ever since Ultex picks have come out I haven’t really toyed with many other types. These ones just seem to last a really long time and they sound just as good as the regular Tortex picks that I’ve been used to playing for years and years. I stumbled upon this pick when looking for the ultex equivalent of an .88 tortex. The store didn’t have any but the next closest thing was the Ultex SHARP at .90. I thought hey why not it’s pretty much exactly the same just sharper and .02 mm shouldn’t be a big deal right?

So I bought a few and tried them out, at first I did notice they were stiffer than the .88s but I wasn’t discouraged. It wasn’t WAY stiffer, I was still able to do and play everything the same way I usually did. And for anything heavy in terms of genre like heavy metal or death metal I usually use a heavier pick like a 1.14mm to dig through the strings and what not. Anyway so after a few weeks of using these picks I found that I didn’t need or want to use any other pick, regardless of what type of style I was playing. Even the heavy metal stuff that requires fast runs etc was doable with this pick. I doubted it since it was only .90mm but after trying it I was pleasantly surprised! There’s usually so much ‘slap-back’ from thin picks that I can’t play the heavy stuff without a way stiffer pick but this one somehow worked out quite well. I’m quite surprised! And since it’s an ultex the sharp part of the tip remains sharp for a VERY long time and doesn’t wear out within days like a tortex would. Love it! Keeps lasting and lasting and sounding great and now I only really need one pick for all my electric guitar playing!