Dunlop Ultex Jazz III
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III

Ultex Jazz III, Plektrum from Dunlop in the Ultex series.

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MountAnDewMe 29/07/2012

Dunlop Ultex Jazz III: Produktbewertung von MountAnDewMe (content in English)

"A great addition to the Jazz III line"

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After being a user of the black and red nylon version of the Jazz III for almost a decade I felt that while no pick would ever replace the original it was definitely worth a six dollar investment to try out these two new offerings from Dunlop. While these picks appear the same in shape and size there are noticeable differences when using the ultex model, many of which make this pick an excellent choice in a wide variety of applications.

These are also around the size of a nickel with a pointed side. They are the same 1.38mm thickness as their counterparts with a slight bevel on all four sides. This variety of the pick is made from ultex as the name implies and is yellow in color. These picks seem to be the most ridged in the Jazz III line and offer little to no flexibility. They are extremely durable and will last a very long time. They also seem to hold there point even longer then the original nylon versions and create an almost undetectable amount of residue even after long playing sessions.

This pick offers the player a level of speed and accuracy in picking that I have yet to encounter outside of the Jazz III line. The ultex variety seems to have a less slippery feel to it than the nylon version and may feel more dependable as a result. The added stiffness of the ultex variety adds a good dig feeling when riffing on lower strings and has a brighter attack than the black nylon without the squawk that some encounter from the red. Although it has a better grip in your hand this pick has a very glassy feel as it rides over the strings. I believe it to be the speediest of all the Jazz III picks and is unbeatable for sweeping arpeggios.

This pick is at home in most guitar application. I feel however that its strong suit is soloing on electric guitar. I find this pick to be a bit too ridged for chord strumming and although the sound is nice on an acoustic it does present me with some difficulties as I prefer the pick to be a bit more flexible when I play acoustic. Perhaps my favorite use for this pick is on electric bass. The stiffness and the sound of the attack make for what I believe to be a perfect combination. Combine that with the enhanced durability and improved grip I will be hard pressed to find a better pick for use on bass.

I never thought that anything would replace the original Jazz III picks and I find myself correct in that statement. The ultex version of this pick has become a go to pick for different situations and has simply made the Jazz III line a more solid staple in my life. I only purchase these pick now in the 24 pack for $10 because I am confident they will remain in my life in some way no matter what. I am very pleased that the Jim Dunlop has marketed the Jazz III in more varieties and I only hope everyone take a few dollars and an open mind to give them all a chance.