Dunlop Tortex Triangle
Dunlop Tortex Triangle

Tortex Triangle, Plektrum from Dunlop belonging to the Tortex Triangle model.

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nickname009 02/02/2012

Dunlop Tortex Triangle: Produktbewertung von nickname009 (content in English)


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Only a few players can actually use picks like these properly. I've seen Devin Townsend use similar shaped picks in maybe a heavier gauge. However I just wanted to try them out and experiment with sounds and my picking technique. My first impressions of these picks were that they basically looked like 3 picks in one since they had 3 sharp ends that I could use, which is saving money and saving picks! Cool huh? And then I started playing guitar with'em and things changed. I can't say that it's as comfortable as a regular pick would be in terms of the way you grip it and position the pick since it's so big and fat and not rounded on either side, you have to try to find a good positioning to get the pick gripped in right between your fingers without feeling too uncomfortable if you're used to a conventional pick. I’ve also seen ben weinman of DEP use these exact picks live and never really figured out how he does it. For leads it’s decent, it gives of this smooth flow-like strike when playing leads but it doesn’t seem or feel to be so accurate simply because of the way you have to grip it, although it actually IS JUST as accurate as other picks in that sense, it’s doesn’t feel that way compared to a conventional pick. For strumming or something not so precise in terms of playing, it works fine, you can do anything with it loosely and you’ll be fine. I just find that when soloing I can’t seem to get the exact or right feel that I’m looking for or that I’m used to with conventional shaped/sized picks. Maybe this is my own problem that I’ve completely accustomed myself to traditional picks. The quality of the pick is exactly the same as the regular tortex line, however so no complaints there.