Dunlop Tortex Standard
Dunlop Tortex Standard

Tortex Standard, Plektrum from Dunlop belonging to the Tortex Standard model.

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nickname009 20/01/2012

Dunlop Tortex Standard: Produktbewertung von nickname009 (content in English)


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I'm not gonna lie, I use these picks because of James Hetfield. When I was first learning guitar I was always given a huge variety of picks and used all of them, however, everytime I saw a video of mr hetfield riffing his own face off I always noticed the green little thing he had in his hand and thought, I should try it and see what it's all about. Low and behold, I hated it. It was too flappy, way too much 'flap-back' if i could say, especially if one's trying to play some quick/hard/fast-ish riffs. It's too thin!! I really have no clue how James does it but it definitely didn't work for me, so I switched over to 1.14mm picks for the fast riffing stuff.

Anyhow, eventually, I somehow decided to come back to these picks, I can't remember why or when but it was years after using the 1.14mm picks and I liked it again, not for the fast hard metal stuff but the tone it produced for rock and such was great! It gave off a top end attack that other gauges just didn't give out and I loved it for that. The only problem now is the longevity, these things wear out within weeks for me so I end up buying a buttload. I don't use'em anymore now I've switched over to the ultex versions that seem to give off the same vibe and feel but last 10x longer!