Dunlop Max-Grip Jazz III
Dunlop Max-Grip Jazz III

Max-Grip Jazz III, Plektrum from Dunlop belonging to the Max-Grip Jazz III model.

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MountAnDewMe 29/07/2012

Dunlop Max-Grip Jazz III: Produktbewertung von MountAnDewMe (content in English)

"The ultimate metal Jazz III"

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I had been using the black and red nylon Jazz III picks for close to a decade and was extremely happy with them. While they each had a purpose that I used them for when I saw there were two new choices available I could not wait to give them a try. The new picks appear to be the same shape and size as the original however the carbon fiber variety has proven to excel in many ways above the other varieties.

Like the other varieties this pick is about the size of a nickel with a pointed side. The pick is 1.38mm in thickness and has a bevel on all four sides, perhaps a touch more than its counterparts but that may be a visual deception as the pick has a very matte finish. This model of pick is made from carbon fiber and is also part of the max grip line. This pick is black, maybe a very deep charcoal grey color. This model of pick seems to fall between the original black and red nylon type in its pliability, closer to the black than the red. These picks, like there counterparts, hold there point for a very long time and wear very minimally. They leave very little debris behind even after long playing sessions.

While this pick offers a high level of picking speed and accuracy like its brethren it has characteristics that make it stand out from the others. The carbon fiber variety with has raised slashes that alternate around the handling area of the pick. These are on both sides of the pick and offer a solid grip under the worst possible conditions. The carbon fiber material also seems to have a complex, thick tonality to them that the other materials do not approach. When comparing its tonality to the others varieties it is deeper than the black nylon but with the clarity of the ultex.

Now the reason I find these to be the ultimate metal pick is the way they grab into the strings and the thick pleasing attack they offer. I also find that pinch harmonics flow effortlessly out of these picks with a satisfying fullness of your best hit efforts in almost every attempt. Whether it a devastating rhythm, and intricate passage requiring string jumping, or fast speed soloing these picks just sound flat out amazing. They still retain the ability to move at high speed but seem to afford the player a more definitive strike without a sticky feel off the strings. They do not move as effortlessly as the other models but have an authoritative feel when using them.

If you have tried a Jazz III line before and only found them to be slippery you owe it to yourself to give these a shot. I have found this to be an awesome addition to the Jazz III line of picks. I have been a user of this variety for many years and each type has proven to find a place in my arsenal. If I was stuck with the dessert island scenario though I believe this would be the one I would want but I would miss the others greatly.