Dunlop Felt picks
Dunlop Felt picks

Felt picks, Plektrum from Dunlop.

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MountAnDewMe 07/08/2012

Dunlop Felt picks: Produktbewertung von MountAnDewMe (content in English)

"Finger tone from a pick."

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For any of us bass player that just do not have the ability to play fast line finger style have I got news for you. There is an alternative, albeit a messy one. After trying dozens of picks trying to achieve a natural sound of skin on string I believe I have found the closest alternative in the Dunlop felt pick.

Do not let the word felt imply anything about the nature of these picks. Unlike felt we are all used to this is a very hard and rigid material. It is insanely thick also but does have a taper to the playing point. After trying many alternative materials including as rubber and silicon, which I assumed would be very finger like in tone, I found that no other pick offers the subtle nuances of the finger strike that these felt picks do. Smooth and soft with just the right amount of ring with each stroke. No artificial swiping noise at all.

These are not only thick but also very large in my opinion. I find that in every pack there are a few that do not seem to be made well and there is a noticeable variance from pick to pick. At $10 for a dozen I would really like some consistency but there are really no other options other than this brand. Dunlop products are usually very high quality so maybe it is just inherent in the use of the material but I still buy them regardless.

These picks are also the second messiest ones I ever used. Only the rubber was worse as far as cleanup went. These picks also have a very short usability time. I find that I get a few sessions out of one before it is worn out. All that being said until I can get my finger technique 100% there will always be a need for these in my gear box and I will order them again and again.