TTXUSB, Plattenspieler from Numark in the TT series.

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JimboSpins 25/10/2012

Numark TTXUSB: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"built tough"

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The Numark TTXUSB is a higher end USB turntable that over shines the previous models from Numark. The TTXUSB is way better built than any other USB turntables that have come out recently. It has a high torque direct drive. You can adjust the pitch, and it comes with a BPM counter and key lock. The TTXUSB is also more expensive than the other models. The TTXUSB cost 400 dollars, which could be a bit overpriced if you are just getting a turntable to convert your vinyl to MP3 with.
Setting up the TTXUSB is simple, and it comes with instruction to install the cartridge. But take note that the cartridge which is a (CC-1) cartridge does not come with the turntable. I am not sure why they would not include one with it, especially at this price. The TTXUSB has a LED screen that will show you the BPM, RPM, and pitch settings. It can play at all 3 speeds including 33 RPM, 45 RPM, and even 78 RPM.

The downfall of this turntable is that it does not come with the cartridge that it needs. The cartridge that it needs is a Numark CC-1 and that cartridge alone cost 70 dollars. That means for the whole set up it will cost you a total of 470. I do think this turntable is great, but it is not for someone who is just using it to transfer files to the computer to get your vinyl into MP3 format. It is more for someone who is an actual DJ and does scratching. It is just a plus that it has a USB connection to it. It is well built and can take a lot of DJ use. If you are a DJ then this turntable is great, it is a plus having the USB connection on it to incorporate it in with your MP3 set up. It also comes with a user adjustable high torque direct drive motor. I have been using this since 2010 and it still looks brand new!