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Adyssey Beats 28/06/2012

Waves Tune: Produktbewertung von Adyssey Beats (content in English)

"A great pitch correction plug-in"

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There were no compatibility or installation issues getting Waves Tune up and running. Although basic pitch correction is easily accessible, the more expressive and in turn more complicated ins and outs of the plug-in take a little while to figure out. However, the piano-roll slash graphical interface makes any and all correction visual, allowing for a better understanding of the transformations you're enacting on the signal. The manual for Waves Tune, as with all of the other Waves plug-ins I have used is well indexed and helpful.


Running in Ableton Live 8 on my MacBook Pro with a 2.7Ghz Intel Core i7 processor and 4GBs of RAM, Waves Tune is as smooth as clockwork, but worry not Windows users as this plug-in is cross compatible. Being fairly light with regards to overall CPU usage, it is stable and reliable even in situations where many other effects and VSTs are operating simultaneously. As far as performance is concerned, I use Waves Tune for minor vocal pitch corrections mainly. Although I know it is capable of producing more a drastically auto-tuned signal, I don't find myself needing that function in my own productions. But for what I do use it for, little pitch corrections with a skilled vocalist, it works flawlessly and is fairly simple. I've had Waves Tune for almost four months now and I certainly don't regret my purchase.


Overall Waves Tune is a must-have if you are a producer who is doing some recording and needs the pitch to be precise. Despite the learning curve, Waves Tune has a fabulous sound and is not too demanding of a plug-in to conquer. As far as price is concerned, you can pick this up in its Native version, in the Vocal package deal, or the Mercury bundle deal. This is one of the few Waves plug-ins I wouldn't discourage picking up in its Native version. Originally $400, it is now on sale for $99 on the Waves website. Not a bad deal for such a versatile device, but probably still more bang for your buck if you get either the Vocal or Mercury bundle deal.