Whirlwind A/B BOX
Whirlwind A/B BOX

A/B BOX, Pedal/Controller from Whirlwind.

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moosers 22/01/2010

Whirlwind A/B BOX: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Whirlwind A/B Box is a two way selector in the form of a foot pedal.<span> </span>It simply allows you to send your signal to two separate locations, with the ability to either choose one or the other, or have both on the same time.<span> </span>I’ve used this pedal with an electric guitar and two different amplifiers, which is probably what most people will use this for.<span> </span>However, it can be used for any configuration of your choosing, as there are a number of different ways that I can see this being useful.<span> </span>You can also use it in reverse if you want to send two different signals to one place I believe, but I’ve never used it for this purpose.<span> </span>As far as connections go, you’ve only got ¼ inch connections.<span> </span>There are two for A and B, and an I/O port as well.<span> </span>The box has two foot switches – one to choose between A and B, and one for having both at the same time.<span> </span>It can be powered by a standard nine volt power supply.<span> </span>I don’t find that using the unit is hard at all, and I can’t imagine that anyone would since it is such a basic piece of equipment.<span> </span>I’ve never had a desire to seek out a manual, and really don’t think that anyone will be needing one anyway.<span> </span>This won’t color your sound at all, and doesn’t make any sound on its own.<span> </span>I didn’t have a problem with noise or anything like that either.<span> </span>The price of the unit is about right for something of this type, and really won’t cost you all too much money at all.<span> </span>If you’ve got multiple amps or multiple signals, and want to send one signal to them, this is a reasonably priced A/B box that is worth a look into.