DOD 270 A-B box
DOD 270 A-B box

270 A-B box, Pedal/Controller from DOD.

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JeffTadashi 21/06/2012

DOD 270 A-B box: Produktbewertung von JeffTadashi (content in English)

"A basic a/b box!"

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The DOD 270 is a basic a/b for all guitar and other mono-signal applications. Depending on how you use it, it has two inputs (A and B) and one output (COM), or it has two outputs (A and B) and one input (COM). For most users, you would use the latter. For example, a guitar signal would come into the COM port, and you can connect the A and B ports to two separate guitar amplifiers, and compare their sounds with the a/b function by pressing on the single footswitch on the device.

The DOD 270 is a simple box, and it simply does it's job. DOD is not known for making particularly quality products, but for something like an a/b box, DOD does a pretty good job here. The footswitch is solid, and the 1/4" guitar connections are solid. I do wish the connectors were positioned differently on the box, as having a cable coming out of three different sides of the unit can quickly make a cable mess. I would've preferred the com port to be on the right side, and the a/b ports to be on the left side.

It's hard to describe the sound quality of an a/b box, but I've had no problems with noise, signal artifacts, signal degradation, or any other relevant problems. There are no noise spikes when the a/b switching is activated.

Another great thing about this pedal: no power is required. It is completely passive, as it should be, and functions just as well as any active pedal could. Overall, the DOD 270 is a simple, durable a/b box that is perfect for switching between two amplifiers, or for switching between two guitars. Be sure to pick up either the grey version or the blue version today, if you need such a box!