Digidesign Digi 001
Digidesign Digi 001

Digi 001, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundkarte from Digidesign.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Digidesign Digi 001: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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I would've been fine with the Mbox but the 001 is more than enough. It's great for a simple setup like mine (sampler, turntables, mics, monitors) or something a little more advanced. Love the ease of use and expandibility (bombfactory plugins are dynamite)

Price paid: $900 CDN used


Comming straight from a cassette based 4-track, PTLE was a little overwhelming at first. Any experience with linear editing/sequencing software can help greatly. depending on skill and experience level, anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks can get you up and bustin out some bangers in no time.


I've had my 001 for 2 months now and already encountered some problems with the inputs AND outputs. I noticed from day 1 that my left monitor would crackle in and out, but it was so seldom that i blamed it on faulty cables from my amp to the speaker. The problem grew steadily worse though and now it has been nailed down to the actual monitor output on the 001. Very annoying. The latest problem, however, is with two of the rear inputs (hehehe) not fully contacting the TRS connections. resulting in the signal going badly out of phase, acting as a 100% hi frequency kill, and somtimes dropping out altogether, depending on which way i jiggle the cord. i realize that the unit was used prior to my purchase of it, but c'mon, the folks at digidesign are Gods.


Although the clarity is great, i've found that it sounds a little....thin? plugins like the aforementioned Bombfactory series can pretty much take care of that problem though. I'm also not 100% happy with the two mic pres, i use a behringer mixer as a substitute. D-verb is a GREAT sounding plugin, the delays are cool, but the rest are kinda...meh....Also, the time compression expansion plugin gives a nice sorta dusty sound to a time stretched or compressed sample.

overall, i was very impressed and thaknful for all the time and energy (and $$$) that went into its development. The unit is and probably will remain the heart of my studio for a very long time. The input crackling n' stuff is a big thorn in my side but Digidesign makes up for it in there OUTSTANDING technical support and refund policy. From a beatmaker's standpoint, however, PTLE is not all that useful in it's functions and extra features. Outboard equipment is good to use in conjunction with the unit such as samplers, synths, etc. Although it is great for tracking, mixing and mastering, it is highly unlikely that i would ever run a mainly digital studio with PTLE at it's heart.

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