M-Audio Trigger Finger
M-Audio Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger, PAD Controller from M-Audio.

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FP User 01/11/2008

M-Audio Trigger Finger: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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The 16 pads is nice. Just tryin' to remember what each pad is assigned to is the worst! haha I wish it had the roll feature

price paid: $124

Great sound quality! When used wit' your keyboard, it's crazy. No sounds actually come from the Trigger, but it's a great sampler

If you screw this thing up, it may take you 2 minutes to re-figure it out.

It's like a Timex. Take a licking, and keeps on ticking.

It's the BROKE MAN'S MPC2000. Get it. Use it. Experiment with it. Sample with it. I use Adobe Audition, and I've learned how to chop up a sample so much more because of this. I now pick my top 16 samples (one for each pad) and create some hot ish wit' it. It's great. Go get one. I worked at a music store, so that's why I paid less than y'all!

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Posted by: BeatSupreme ( 5-, 2006)