MXR ZW44 Wylde Overdrive
MXR ZW44 Wylde Overdrive

ZW44 Wylde Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from MXR.

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crankyrayhanky 24/07/2012

MXR ZW44 Wylde Overdrive: Produktbewertung von crankyrayhanky (content in English)

"Wylde Harmonic Haven"

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This is a straight up overdrive pedal: gain, tone, volume.


Setup is simple, guitar>pedal>amp>JAM. No manual needed.


My favorite application has been a Les Paul into the pedal into a Marshall style amp. I love Zakk, so I often use settings similar to what i found he uses: just a sliver of gain, tone at 11 oclock, volume at 2 o’clock (I think Zakk may max the volume out)
In my earlier years, i didn't quite understand this way of working with pedals. I thought the pedal gain should be aggressive, making you set the amp cleaner. Now I realize many people just use overdrive to add a touch (or zero) gain to an already gained out amp. the result is a significant increase in reactiveness- notes just jump off the fretboard. Harmonics fly...especially the lower string pinched ones. This is crucial if you're going for the Zakk Wylde sound, get a boost, use thicker strings, and get an LP (or copy) and you're in business. Also note: it helps if your hand is relaxed to make the pinches fly: too much effort makes a stiffer hand makes the harmonics choke out. This pedal is a key ingredient to all of the above. I love the edge it brings to the guitar tone.


The best thing about this pedal is the edge and aggression. The least is the added noise...I didn't think it was too bad, and it is billed as "true bypass". But after trying a few other pedals out, I realize this pedal does add a bit too much noise and the tone suckage when off is there. Oh well, I love playing Wylde type riffs, and this pedal gives that in spades, so it's an acceptable trade off. I've recently tried a tube screamer and a BB me they are all different shades of accomplishing a similar task. if you want the pedal to deliver the majority of the gain, look elsewhere...but if you need a pedal that delivers an edgier clean boost, this should be tried out. I probably would look towards a BB or Tube screamer for most applications, but if you love Zakk than this pedal is for you. Unfortunately, my toggle has grown to be inconsitant (after years of hard playing) so now it sits in a box and has been replaced by my BB+. Great pedal, just know its shortcomings and strengths as outlined above. Rock on <squeal>!