Dean Markley Overlord Classic Tube Overdrive
Dean Markley Overlord Classic Tube Overdrive

Overlord Classic Tube Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Dean Markley.

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thisklik 19/04/2014

Dean Markley Overlord Classic Tube Overdrive: Produktbewertung von thisklik (content in English)

"try it on the bass!!"

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tube overdrive and fuzzy tube sound


I tryed this little monster for a guitar,but finaly i use it with the bass!
Put the HI pot on 1!
mid on 4 or more,even on 10!
bass pot on 5!
AND DRIVE button ON 2!!
volume level depends on your clear sound,make it even..for me is mon 3!
if you have tube that is working properly,it gives you a WOODEN sound in the bass,feels GREAT.and in this settings,there is no noise or humm.


On small drive positions,sound is GREAT.more drive you push,more fuzz comming out,but also,more humm and noise.But,like i said,for me it is great for the bass!


overdrive tube sound!direct power plug!metal boxing!size!easy to open and change the tube!
found one for FREE,and the second one cheap!
i gues people thinks that is made only for guitar...but if you put it on a bass or rhytm is realy great!!
if you have 2,you can even try it on ipod and drive that bad sounding mp3 to get loud vintage discotec at your home party :)