Biyang OD-8 X-Drive
Biyang OD-8 X-Drive

OD-8 X-Drive, Overdrive pedal from Biyang in the Tonefancier series.

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Jerald 27/11/2014

Biyang OD-8 X-Drive: Produktbewertung von Jerald (content in English)

"Amazing Tube Screamer Clone!"

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This is a Tube Screamer Clone with chip swap out capabilities and a true bypass.


Great OD push and options.


I have a Ibanez TS-7 and really liked it but was wanting a TS 808 clone as they are used by my influences. The TS-7 was tighter in character and a little quieter but the OD-8 was able to match the tone perfectly and has a much wider range on the controls plus a 3 position switch that changes it's tone dirastically! In all fairness it was like going from a cassette to a CD in overall sound quality! Just amazing clarity!


It has a real 3TDP true bypass switch and quality components that are undeniable. Great casing! Can achieve a TS808 tone without the $200 price and give you extra sound options with the 3 position switch and chip swap. Comes with the JRC4558DD installed and two others to experiment with (The KWK737 chip highlights the treble tones in the overdrive while the NE5532 chip has some serious growl and presence). Made in China but did not compromise part quality! Amazing sound/ quality. $42 =WOW!!