Analog Man King of Tone
Analog Man King of Tone

King of Tone, Overdrive pedal from Analog Man.

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denied 02/05/2011

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"Fantastic low gain OD"

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- Two fully independent pedals in one

- High quality parts, impeccable AM construction

- Three independent modes for each side via internal DIP switches

- Controls for gain, volume and tone, independent to each side

- Beautiful paint job!


This one is a little more complicated to use, definitely not your standard OD pedal. It has been compared to the TS9 quite a bit, but the KoT is no tube screamer.

Each side is pretty basic, controls for volume, tone, and gain/drive, pretty much the standard setup for any OD pedals. Each side can be used independently, they can also be stacked. So far, pretty sraightforward and easy.

Here comes the fun part. Opening up the pedal reveals a number of DIP switches. These can be used to set each side between clean boost, OD, and Drive for a very versatile pedal.


Really an incredible sounding pedal. The overdrive has a very unique quality. It seems to float around your tone without actually taking it over. Nothing I've seen before in any other pedal. It is a very soft and smooth OD, not a whole lot of grit.

On clean boost, it really just adds volume and a tiny bit of grit. The OD setting is pretty light, really just simulating an amp pushed to the edge of breakup. The Drive setting is in the range of a low-mid gain OD. Stacking both sides set to drive sounds pretty magnificent.

To be honest I was a little underwhelmed by the amount of gain on tap. Using both sides set to drive was the only setting where I could get the sizzle I was after. Analogman will mod the KoT for higher gain (on either one or both sides), which I've never tried, but sounds like it would bring it up to perfection.

Overall I thought it was a pretty responsive pedal, not quite as much as say a Honey Bee, but quite a bit more than a Timmy.


Straight up an excellent OD pedal for low-mid gain settings. Anything higher and you are probably going to want a different pedal, though I would definitely give the high gain mod a chance.

These aren't exactly easy to get a hold of. The waiting list has stretched out to several years, and used prices seem to float around $350, which can be a lot to shell over. But if you can afford one, it is highly recommended.