Steinberg Virtual Guitarist
Steinberg Virtual Guitarist

Virtual Guitarist, Other virtual guitar from Steinberg in the Virtual Guitarist series.

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Azuma 25/02/2013

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist: Produktbewertung von Azuma (content in English)


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The program works on any platform either Windows XP, Windows Seven or MAC OS , so compatibility issues isn't present

The manual included with the program is great , Steinberg as usual made a great book explaining the main functions and how this certain vst works.

The general configuration and setup is simple , no problems occurred , no error found , everything went great.

The typical functions are easy to spot trough a certain guitar interface which has a lot of options to choose from.


The software works good in this configuration , everything is well settled without any type of misunderstandings.

The gear and software are very stable and works very good.

I'm getting very good performances in emulating a real electric or acoustic guitar that sounds as similar as a real one.

I've been using Virtual Guitarist from Steinberg for about one year.


What I like most about Steinberg Virtual Guitarist is that you can practically emulate a real guitar, this is one of the vest vst out there that can replicate the sound , the strum , the resonance of a real guitar , and besides that you can also get a very powerful sense of humanization , you can build certain rhythms effects , different textures , smacks , legato and stoccatto notes , also some great trills with different amount of velocity and duration.

What I also like about this certain product is that it is build around real samples of real guitar, so that way you avoid some automatic robotic sounds which you would get from a lot of guitar vst.

Precision and quality of the sound is very good , but I still think there's more to improve , that way I will rate it 9/10.

I've tried several models of guitar vst , this is one the most powerful alongside real guitar from Music Lab