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Waves MaxxVolume
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Adyssey Beats 26/06/2012

Waves MaxxVolume: Produktbewertung von Adyssey Beats (content in English)

"Pump it up."

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There were no compatibility issues getting Waves' MaxxVolume working on my MacBook Pro. The installation, as with all other Waves Plugins I have installed, was a breeze - whether you buy it as a bundle package or as a solo plugin its easy (waves also provides the option of demoing it). As far as approaching the plug-in goes, you can set it up in your DAW however you want - on individual tracks, on sends or busses, etc. The interface provides faders for low and high level threshold and gain, as well as two additional slides for gating and a leveler with a soft/loud toggle in between to affect the overall compression. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, the interface is very easy to use.


Like all of the other Waves Plugins I have used, Maxx Volume is a very stable VST. Running in my Ableton Live 8 with a 2.7 Ghz Intel Core i7 processor and 4GBs of RAM it works like a charm. I've only been using this plugin for about three months, but I can say that it has seriously bolstered some of my sounds since then. This isn't a plugin I use all the time, mind you. It's something I find works well on the master track or on individual vocal tracks, but can easily be substituted by an EQ and a compressor with a different quality timbre.


Overall if you're going to use Waves Ltd Maxx Volume, watch your levels carefully and don't abuse the power entrusted to you. Its easy to clip and wash out a mix with this compressor so be conservative with its use. That said, I am glad I purchased it and would encourage you to do the same and enjoy another great plugin from Waves.