Novation Remote ZeRO SL MkII
Novation Remote ZeRO SL MkII

Remote ZeRO SL MkII, Other MIDI Control Surface from Novation in the Remote series.

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sw80 10/10/2012

Novation Remote ZeRO SL MkII: Produktbewertung von sw80 (content in English)

"can not believe it cost 299"

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The Novation Remote Zero SL MKII has 8 pads that can be used to trigger, 8 faders and a total of 32 buttons. If you want to use this controller with a PC you will need to have 256 MB RAM, make sure you check your specs because I had some issues setting this up with a few different studio computers running Vista. All of the 8 sliders have touch sensitivity and the 32 buttons all light up LED. You can use the USB to power the SL MKII or it does come with a power supply to plug it directly into the wall. There are no audio inputs or outputs on this device but there are MIDI in and outs. The reason I purchased this back in 2010 was to find ways to speed up my work flow without having to go back and forth to that dreaded mouse!

Setting this up is very fast. It takes literally no time at all to get it running. You can control your whole DAW with the MKII from Novation n no time. I prefer using the SL MKII in Reason because I feel like it has better auto mapping with Reason.

The Novation Remote Zero does have 8 drum or trigger pads on it but they are not well made and are not anything like some of the trigger or drum pads on some of AKAI’s interfaces and control surfaces. I never really used them as drum pads because I felt like they messed up my whole vibe by not having a good feel while playing.

You can purchase the Novation Remote Zero SL MKII for 299.00. That price is kind of out of the range that it should be, I don’t think it should be any more than about 225.00. There are other units that are similar and have similar specs to the MKII but are a little cheaper. Check out some of M-Audio’s control surfaces if you want the same kind of controller but a cheaper price.