Wampler Pedals Triple Wreck Distortion
Wampler Pedals Triple Wreck Distortion

Triple Wreck Distortion, Other guitar saturation effect from Wampler Pedals.

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nickname009 30/08/2011

Wampler Pedals Triple Wreck Distortion: Produktbewertung von nickname009 (content in English)


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This is a high gain distortion pedal made to emulate the american boogie rectifier high gain sound.


Volume, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Cream/Crunch, and a vintage/modern toggle switch.

The pedal itself is quite chunky in size. Not too sure why when the power is still 9v and the knobs have the same amount as the other wampler distortion pedals.


Pretty simple to use, all wampler pedals have a sort of similar set of knobs and what not to play around with. Plug in, tweak and play!


To my ears, this sounds nothing like a rectifier. Not even close. It seems to have captured everything bad about a rectifier sound, put it all together and then added fuzz to make it worse.

I've owned 3 rectifiers, a single, a dual and a triple and I can tell you with complete confidence that this pedal does not replicate a rectifier in any sense. Yes it may give that sort of vibe, but it seems to have given the wrong vibe or the horrible sounding features of the rectifier amps in one pedal. I personally haven't been able to find a usable tone with this pedal except for some extreme fuzz-like settings. Rectifier-ish sounds? Couldn't come up with anything to make it sound even passable.

Just listen for yourself, either in person or even on the net. There are plenty of professionally recorded clips of the triple wreck and boogie triple rec out there. The triple wreck to me, sounds like a distortion pedal. Not like a rectifier and not very amp-like sounding.

Yes it's dynamic, it cleans up with the volume rolled down which is nice, and you can get some decent low gain sounds as well. This is designed to work with a clean amp and yes that's how I set it up when I played with it. I tried to like it, I honestly did! I played it for weeks on different days and left it, came back to it with fresh ears etc. Nothing.

I think it's all hype these days with pedals that claim to be able to be a marshall in a box or a boogie in a box and only really really few pedals are able to actually accomplish these things while the rest are just marketing tactics to get you interested. I think at most this pedal is good for wild cream/fuzz sounds that you've never heard before.


Good build quality, easy to use. Great fuzz/cream pedal. Horrible rectifier distortion pedal. I know everybody's ears are different but this one just doesn't do the job like it says.