Diamond Pedals J-drive MK3
Diamond Pedals J-drive MK3

J-drive MK3, Other guitar saturation effect from Diamond Pedals.

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denied 29/04/2011

Diamond Pedals J-drive MK3: Produktbewertung von denied (content in English)

"Top notch OD"

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- Two independent sections, OD and boost

- True bypass

- JFET input

- High quality components, impeccable build quality

- 9v battery or standard boss style adapter operated

- Controls for drive, warmth, volume, and gain

- Bright switch


Its a little more than your standard simple OD pedal, but is actually pretty straightforward to use.

I am particularly happy with the fact that the boost and OD can be engaged independently. Most dual OD/boost pedals must be on for the boost to work. With the J-Drive, the boost can be engaged at any time.

I also like the fact that the boost runs in front of the OD, so acts as another pedal running a hotter signal into the OD circuit.

Standard 9v (-) input is convenient as well.

And of course, Diamond definitely build their pedals to withstand the test of time and beatings of the road. This one isn't going to fall apart in a hurry.


One of the best sounding OD pedals you will come across. Think smooth. It can get a little gritty when dialed in right. But for the most part it is smooth and creamy sounding, absolutely perfect for mellow type leads. very rich in harmonics. Not the most responsive pedal I've ever used, but that's not really what it was designed to do.

Fairly transparent, doesn't have quite the mid hump of a tube screamer. I am a big fan of the warmth know in lieu of standard tone controls. It acts a little like the opposite of a glass knob. The bright switch is similarly powerful. Warmth knob up, and the bright switch off sounds absolutely fantastic.

The boost has quite a bit of gain on tape. Works really well as either an extra gain stage in front of your preamp or to add drive to the OD.

True bypass switching, so your bypass tone is preserved.


Another incredible pedal from diamond. Super solid construction, and fantastic smooth sound. With the absurdly low price these go for used, it is really difficult to beat. I find myself recommending it very often. Actually a lot more compact than I was expecting, fit on the board nicely, and I appreciate the position of the jacks.

Highly recommended.