Carl Martin Hot Drive 'N Boost MK II
Carl Martin Hot Drive 'N Boost MK II

Hot Drive 'N Boost MK II, Other guitar saturation effect from Carl Martin.

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ralvarezguitar 13/05/2014

Carl Martin Hot Drive 'N Boost MK II: Produktbewertung von ralvarezguitar (content in English)

"Tuby like no other"

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Pure analog. Not true bypass but in a great way.


Straight forward.


Use it with Vox AC15 heritage hardwired amp with blue alnico speaker. Telecaster guitar, Gibson 339 guitar. I play rock, blues, country rock, punk and everything in between except for metal. Have had many ODs in my life, some more expensive, some less. Non as good as the MK3 HDB. Sound is addictive. I have compare it side by side with other good ODs and ended always trying to make the other pedals sound as this one. The boost option is just amazingly rich and useful.


I don't find the clear out plug useful, but that's me.
I've had many ODs, as I've said, none like this one. I will never depart from it.