Eventide H3000 Factory
Eventide H3000 Factory
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mrjason 30/12/2012

Eventide H3000 Factory: Produktbewertung von mrjason (content in English)

"A worth while plug in but will take some time to understand"

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Eventide H3000 is a harmonizer plug-in that can confuse you if you are not use to working with algorithms to create modulation and filtering. It will take some time to understand how to work this program even if you look at the manual because most of understanding it is just application and spending time messing with it. There are over 100 original effects from the original H3000 (hardware) and over 100 newly added presets from some really good sound designers on Eventides team.


Installing it was pretty quick because it is not a large program it just takes time to understand. It will run on just about any Mac as long as you have sufficient CPU available for it. The main reason I chose to go with this plug-in is for it’s high and low pass capabilities and even for the pitch shifters, filters, and delays. Working with all of these aspects too me some time to understand in the H3000 plug-in because everything seems to be analog and you need to program these functions yourself.


I am not sure if they have a DEMO version of this plug-in but if they do I suggest trying it out before you buy it. It is not like your standard harmonizer plug-in with a bunch of presets. It requires some more work.
I use this with Pro Tools HD and it works just fine on the Mac we are using running operating system 10.5.1. This plug-in is price well but it could be a waste of money if you don’t learn how to use it properly so be prepared for a learning curve. There is a Native Version of this so it can work in multiple platforms but I have only worked with it in Pro Tools HD and also Pro Tools LE.