Leslie 3300
Leslie 3300

3300, Orgel from Leslie.

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PaulyPaul 15/10/2012

Leslie 3300: Produktbewertung von PaulyPaul (content in English)

"15" woofer!"

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The Hammond Leslie 3300 Rotary Speaker is a 220 watt bass amp and a 80 watt treble amp. It has a 15” woofer and master volume, bass, mid range, horn level, and sub woofer controls on it. The Leslie 3300 is very well built and can take a lot of abuse. The inputs are a 11 pin and 8 pin Leslie connector with a ¼ footswitch jack and ¼ line in jack. On the Leslie 3300 you can control the bass level separate from the horn level, also you can control the rise of the rotor speed right on the speaker.


The Hammond Leslie 3300 is portable to an extent but it still weighs over 100 pounds so it could be a hassle taking it to different places where you need it. The Hammond Leslie 3300 has a lot of low end sound that will provide a full and rich texture to it. Changing your sounds and frequencies is easy to do on the Leslie 3300 because you do it right on the speaker, and setting it up takes no effort at all.


If you use the Hammond Leslie 3300 Rotary Speaker on your electronic keyboards it will take your sound and carry it across a large space. The sound that comes out of the 3300 is very big and travels even when the speaker is not turned all the way up. The 15” woofer is my favorite feature with this speaker. I have used a lot of other speakers and amps but nothing has compared to this one. The 3300 is also a lot more expensive then most other units that I have used in the past 5 years.


It comes at a high price, but it is worth it. I have heard rumors of the Hammond Leslie 3300 shorting out over long periods of use, this has never happened to me and I have never seen it happen just heard about it online. But just in case, I am pretty sure this speaker comes with a warranty for at least a year from Hammond.