Morpheus DropTune
Morpheus DropTune

DropTune, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Morpheus.

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moosers 29/08/2011

Morpheus DropTune: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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Morpheus’ DropTune is a unique pedal that allows you to drop the tuning of your guitar without actually re-tuning it! For those who like to drop tune every now and again, this could be a great tool to save time and not require you to have separate guitars on hand in dropped tunings. The pedal has the ability to drop down 3 and a half steps, which should be more than enough! For connections it’s got ¼” jacks for a guitar input, a line output, and a mini USB port. It requires power from a 12 volt power supply and isn’t rackmountable.


Using DropTune is actually very simple. It’s just got three foot switches – one for dropping down, one for going back up, and one for turning the pedal on or off. There is a little interface that will show you how many half steps down you are. That’s all there is to the pedal, so as you can tell, no manual is necessary.


I was honestly surprised to find that the tracking on Morpheus’ DropTune is actually not bad. Usually with a pedal like this you would expect that it might not sound as natural as doing a manual tuning, but it’s not the case here as this does the job quite well despite my initial skepticism. However, dropping down all the way does seem to track a bit poorer than just dropping a half step or two, but in honesty when are you going to need to drop that deep? If you do that regularly, I’d recommend doing it manually anyway…


While Morpheus’ DropTune pedal is a pretty cool one that serves a unique purpose, it’s probably not going to be necessary for most players. For those who do need to drop down a lot and also want to switch back with the push of a button, DropTune is a great tool for you. I wouldn’t say that it’s inexpensive, but most likely those interested in DropTune are going to be playing a lot, so in the end it could be worth it if you find yourself dropping down a lot. For me it’s just not necessary, but I did have some fun messing around with it!