Truetone 1-Spot Combo Pack
Truetone 1-Spot Combo Pack

1-Spot Combo Pack, Netzteil für Pedal from Truetone in the 1 Spot series.

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nickname009 27/08/2011

Truetone 1-Spot Combo Pack: Produktbewertung von nickname009 (content in English)


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This is a combo pack version of the 1 spot which includes a daisy chain and I believe some extra cables with different ends for specific pedals that don't have the regular boss style adapter end.

This is a great deal, the overall package is less than $40 bucks and includes everything you need to power at least 5 pedals from the start. Not only that, it's very small and takes up little to no space on your board vs a brick power supply. But of course it's different for each player depending on the size of their board and what kinds of pedals they're using. The 1 spot has become to renowned that almost every other company is now making variations of the same thing to market.

There has been some debates about noise issues with adapter style plugs but to be honest I haven't had any of these noise experiences with gigs or just playing at home. Nothing seems to be any noisier than without the 1 spot. Oddly enough I haven't even heard of the 1 spot cable being torn apart or anything like that either, it is rather thick compared to an older red tag boss style adapter and those have always eventually had the cable torn out somehow. This is slightly sturdier, as it is thicker.

As I've said in an earlier review, I've seen many players using the 1spot and have had no troubles with it at home or live etc. So it seems to do the job, I have used both brick power supplies as well as the 1 spot and find them all to be very useful with the 1spot being the one I use the most merely for more space on my board. Just gotta make sure you clean up all the extra cables from the daisy chain etc to not tangle it up and mess it up when stompin!!