Cioks Baby
Cioks Baby

Baby, Netzteil für Pedal from Cioks in the Standard series.

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Skjold 11/08/2012

Cioks Baby: Produktbewertung von Skjold (content in English)

"Simple and cheap"

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Here you are dealing with a basic and simple power supply generating 9V DC on five (5) outlets. You have a total of 280mA to share between the five outlets.
The outlets are filtered, but not isolated, which means, that do you have some sort of hum, it gets shared between all of the outlets! If you have a power conditioner somewhere in you setup, then you should have no problems at all. I can't remember wether the center is positive or negative, but switch cables does exist, giving you the possibility to use pedals with reversed polarity on this power supply as well.
Per default, this power supply works straight up, with Boss pedals, using normal polarity cables.

Extra cables are a bit on the expensive site (around 5$ + VAT), but when buying it in a store, they usually give you enough cables to fill out every outlet socket on the power supply.

As with any other device requiring power, it comes with a standard two pole power connector, so make sure, that you plug it into the power socket the right way around, otherwise you might have some phase issues. I tend to change the power connector on my equipment when I receive it, to three pole power connectors (phase, ground and null). This way, I always have the phase the right way round, unless the building has some old electrical installations.

If you are looking for a new power supply, then I would recommend that you look for something else. The Cioks Baby is good, no doubt about it, but the problem is the non-isolated outputs. The difference in price between the ones with isolated outlets as opposed to the non-isolated outlets is minute, compared to the advantage you have.