Vox DA15
Vox DA15

DA15, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the DA series.

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denied 29/04/2011

Vox DA15: Produktbewertung von denied (content in English)

"Great practice amp!"

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- Hybrid (1 tube in the preamp section)

- 11 amp models/sound styles

- 11 digital effects

- 2 programmable channels

- Controls for volume, gain, bass, mids, treble, master volume

- Preset or manual editing

- Line out

- 8 inch speaker

-15 watts


I definitely recommend taking a few minutes to sit down and figure out this amp. It is put together pretty well, but the combination of multiple models, effects, and saved presets can be a little confusing at first. I'd recommend this as a practice amp, not necessarily as a beginners amp.

The different models cover a wide range of tone. When first selected, they are dialed in at preprogrammed settings that sound pretty good, you can tweak from there.

The effects always drove me a little crazy, as they are setup in preselected combinations that you really can't do anything with.


The amp boasts an impressive collection of sounds. They aren't perfect, but will get you close enough for practice. Lets face it, hybrid doesn't really mean anything. The one preamp tube doesn't do anything noticeable, it doesn't even heat up enough to warrant a vent. It's a marketing technique used by a number of companies,and the amp should really be treated as solid state.

Its important to note that this amp really does not take pedals well at all. I've used it to run some very high end OD pedals, they came out sounding fizzy and just all around bad. You can get away with wah, EQ, loopers, some delay, gates etc. But I would definitely avoid any kind of dirt going into it.

Its only 15 watts, but I've totally used it alongside loudish drummers before. It gets lost pretty fast with a lot of loud amps in the room, but otherwise will hold its own pretty well.


My DA15 has been my travel amp for many years now, and has flown across the Atlantic quite a few times. The small size and abundant features really make it the perfect amp to box up and throw under a plane. Mine is finally starting to show some signs of wear, but considering the number of times its been thrown on and off a conveyor belt, its hardly surprising.

All in all, I've been very happy with the amp, and see myself using it on the road until it finally falls apart.