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    Phraseland is my synonym as the singer/songwriter Björn Schmelter currently based in the beautiful city of Winterthur/Switzerland. With my music and words I am on a journey to explore the depths of the human soul and the vastness of space that surrounds.

    Phraseland is also a collective of musicians and songs - each piece taking up a small universe of their own. It's music that invites you to listen and reminisce.


    Muse, David Bowie, Travis, The Beatles, Phish, Tom Petty, Fiona Apple, Led Zeppelin, Tool, The Mars Volta, Peter Gabriel, Ours, Radiohead, Placebo, Pink Floyd, Wilco, Talking Heads, Vernon Reid, Beck, The White Stripes, The Who, U2, Supertramp, Queen, Eric Clapton, The Roots, My Chemical Romance, Neil Young, Ryan Adams, Beautiful South, Jeff Buckley, Nick Cage, Peeping Tom, Kate Bush, Gorillaz, Porcupine Tree
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