Proline MS112BK Desk Mic Stand
Proline MS112BK Desk Mic Stand

MS112BK Desk Mic Stand, Mikrofonständer from Proline.

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moosers 09/12/2010

Proline MS112BK Desk Mic Stand: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Proline MS112BK Desk Mic Stand is a mini stand for use either on top of your desk or close to the ground. We've got a number of these at the professional studio I work at. We don't use them on a desk, rather for holding up microphones not too far off the ground. There's a lot of applications that require a microphone to be closer to the ground, like for mic'ing up a kick drum or a guitar amp, so it's quite necessary to have a bunch of these on hand at all times. The stand is fine for using on your desk or elsewhere as well. The height starts at a foot long and can extend to about a foot and a half, while the boom itself goes up to 2/3rds of a foot...


The Proline MS112BK Desk Mic Stand is the perfect little microphone stand for applications of all types. It's sturdy and easily adjustable and are stands that we use on a pretty consistent basis at the studio I work at. They're always being used for kick drum mics and guitar amp mics, so having a few on hand is imperative. We do have some other types of mini stands as well, but these are pretty much the best ones that we have and certainly see the most amount of use. There isn't too much to the Proline MS112BK Desk Mic Stand that sets it apart from other similar stands other than it just being a well built, easy to use mini stand. The price shouldn't be too expensive as Proline in general has reasonable prices for their stands, so if you're looking to get some miniature mic stands for your studio or otherwise, the Proline MS112BK Desk Mic Stand's are the perfect way to go.