Numark DJ2GO
Numark DJ2GO
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JimboSpins 26/10/2012

Numark DJ2GO: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"simple set up"

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The Numark DJ2GO is a very simple DJ controller that you can use with your Mac or PC. The best part about this controller is that it only cost 60 USD. The DJ2GO is perfect for the beginner who is just learning and wants to learn to use digital set ups working with hardware and software. It comes with DJ LE Lite software. I do not like the software that it comes with, but you can pretty much use it with any software that will allow you to MIDI a controller to it.

The DJ2GO is not built to last; it is very light and almost feels like a toy because of the plastic material it is made with. I would not trust this to withstand any drops. But for the price that it cost, if anything were to happen to it you could afford to replace it. Installing it was simple, as long as your system has a USB slot you are good to go. Plug it in and sync it up with your software and start using it right away.

There are no digital or analog inputs or outputs , and no MIDI in or MIDI out. It only has a USB connection and that is how it connects to your computer to control your software. There are no onboard effects and no built in playback. So really this controller is nothing but a device used to control your software. For the just starting out DJ this is a great tool to practice and learn to mix with if you have good software. Do not use the software that comes with it, it is not very good and you will basically outgrow it. Learn to use a good DJ software program that you can get a good foundation with, sync it up with the DJ2GO and you will have a good starter kit to learn with. Then upgrade to a real controller with effects and inputs.