Denon DJ DN-MC3000
Denon DJ DN-MC3000
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JimboSpins 26/10/2012

Denon DJ DN-MC3000: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"For Virtual DJ"

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The Denon MC3000 is a controller for the software program Virtual DJ, it has a 4 deck control and two jog wheels. You can use the MC3000 on either a Mac or a PC. The Denon MC3000 is one of those pieces of gear that we all need to have if you are a working DJ. It will take some time to learn if you are a beginner, I don’t even recommend the MC3000 if you are a beginner.

The MC3000 is simple to set up, sense it was made for Virtual DJ you really don’t have to do much to get it to work with it. It is pretty much just a plug and play set up. The MC3000 is built tough, it will last you a long time as long as you don’t damage it internally. It comes with the software Virtual DJ and it is also the perfect controller to use with Traktor. You can also rack this unit if you want to , but I just use it as a table top unit.

The two jog wheels are touch sensitive and very accurate, not too many similar models have jog wheels that feel this good for this price range. The cross fader is built to last you a long time, it is a 44mm 3 way cross fader that can be used for audio and video purposes.

The Denon MC3000 has no on board effects, which is ok because Virtual DJ has all of the effects that you could ever need. There are several inputs on the MC3000, 1 ¼ microphone input and 2 stereo digital inputs. There are 2 ¼ TRS outputs and 2 RCA outputs, plus a TRS stereo headphone jack. The overall quality of the MC3000 is solid, I am happy that I chose to use this for certain projects/shows. I recommend this to the intermediate DJ that has some experience with Virtual DJ.