Rocktron Midimate V2
Rocktron Midimate V2

Midimate V2, MIDI Pedal from Rocktron.

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stompboxjon 12/04/2012

Rocktron Midimate V2: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"easy to use"

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The Rocktron Midimate v2 is a midi pedal that I tried after using the one by Behringer. The Rockton Midimate is a good midi pedal with 128 presets and can be synced up in a heart beat. You will have no problems with this midi pedal. The manual that comes with it is very easy to understand, I actually lost my manual so I contacted them and they emailed me a digital version of the manual. I just wanted it on hand just in case I needed it or if I sold it I would want to be able to put the manual with it.

This unit in general is as well built as the Behringer midi pedals. It actually seems to be not very well put together. In the few months that I used it I never had any problems with it though. But just doesn’t seem to be as solidly built as I like my gear. I need my gear to be able to take a beaten because I travel a lot and take my gear all over the place and it will have to take some bangs and bumps.

Keep in mind that the Rocktron Midimante needs phantom power though. Either from a source that you already have with your interface or you will need to purchase some phantom power. I didn’t have that end mind when I got this. The Rockton Midimate has 12 banks and each bank has up to maybe 15 presets if I am remembering correctly. There are also 10 switches. The unit itself isn’t that big itself so its very easy to lug around.

Overall, its not bad. I just prefer the Behringer Midi pedals over this one just because I feel like it’s a better deal for the money and its built stronger. Though there is nothing wrong with this one at all, Rocktron has created a very affordable midi pedal that you will love. Give it a shot! But trust me you will like the Behringer mdi pedal better.