Behringer FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller
Behringer FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller

FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller, MIDI Pedal from Behringer.

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stompboxjon 12/04/2012

Behringer FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"heavy duty .. i love it"

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The Bhringer FCB 1010 is definitely worth your money. Not that it cost a lot either! it’s a mdid foot controller that has 10 bank presets and you can edit each one. There are also two expression pedals that can be assigned to a midi channel. The FCB1010 is a really good investment. This is the first kind of midi foot controller I have every used. Since then I have used a few but must say that this one is probably best when it comes to money spent and quality.

Its very easy to set up , it can pretty much be set up in any program with a global or generic midi option. But once you do that you will be able to save and create your own presets so that each time you turn it on all of your favorite stuff is saved so you wont have to go through setting it up each time you want to use it. Which comes in handy because doing that every time would give you quite a headache.

The Behringer FCB 1010 has a built in power supply and it is built to last. Although I wouldn’t be stopping on this thing to much just because I wouldn’t want to take the chance in damaging something internally. But that doesn’t mean you have to step on it like its an egg. You can put some weight and pressure on it. Just don’t be jumping up and down on it!

I have to say I am impressed with the FCB 1010. It actually made me check out some other foot controllers out of curiosity just to see how good this one actually is. Like I saw before its better than a lot of other models that I have tried. Its German made so you know it will last a long time! Give it a shot, you wont be disappointed with your purchase.