Yamaha MJC8
Yamaha MJC8

MJC8, MIDI Interface from Yamaha.

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stompboxjon 16/09/2012

Yamaha MJC8: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

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The Yamaha MJC8 is a pretty simple MIDI controller. With 8 MIDI ins and outs it packs enough MIDI for your whole set up. It isn’t your normal size MIDI station, this one can be racked which is a huge plus for people like me that have a lot of gear and don’t have a lot of space for it, just rack it! I have used this for about a year and had all of my keyboards going into. It also has a very low MIDI latency as well as the ability to change MIDI connections without having to turn off your gear or reset anything. You will need to be able to configure the Yamaha MJC8 with your DAW the correct way in order for everything to work properly. Using the MJC8 with Cubase was great, it syncs right up and the set up is very easy, but when I used it with FL Studio it did encounter a few problems with changing MIDI channels. Even though the MJC8 is an older unit you can still purchase it online for a very low price.


I haven’t seen any updates to the drivers while I was using it. I have used all 8 ins and outs at the same time and experience no problems or overloads.


The best part about this unit is that it has plenty of ins and outs, it can really power your whole MIDI set up, and its rack able. The downfall is that within certain programs you can run into some problems with getting it synced correctly. I had it hooked to my Dual Core PC for a long time and never had any problems with it as far as system compatibility. It is a great MIDI controller and will last you a long time, if you are thinking about getting one now is the time because they are going for dirt cheap online.