Swissonic MIDI-USB 1X1
Swissonic MIDI-USB 1X1

MIDI-USB 1X1, MIDI Interface from Swissonic.

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francisales 10/11/2013

Swissonic MIDI-USB 1X1: Produktbewertung von francisales (content in English)

"It works with tonelab LE"

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I read the first post, I confirm that swissonic midi-usb interface works fine with tonelab LE. You have to follow this:


1. Make sure yout tone lab LE is on, your computer (mac book pro is mine) is on, cable midi-usb connected.
2. Behind the leds in the cable box, you have to select MIDI THRU. And of course put the cable port MIDI IN connected to the tone lab LE port MIDI OUT, and viceversa.
3. This interface is plug'n'play and it doesn't need drivers, at least in mac os x. You only have to be sure that it is detected in your computer. Run "midi audio configuration" in your computer and see if it is.
4. Run Tonelab SoundEditor and go to menu and select midi configuration, select yours, and click in "make default".


After that, it will work fine.