MOTU Midi Express XT USB
MOTU Midi Express XT USB

Midi Express XT USB, MIDI Interface from MOTU in the Midi Express series.

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AlanForPresident 29/06/2012

MOTU Midi Express XT USB: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"worth the money spent"

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This is a rack able piece of gear that you would need in your set up, it really powers my whole set up once I think about it. I am able to have all of my keyboards and drum machines all running with each other and synced up thanks to the Motu Midi Express XT USB. Installing the driver that came with the Motu Midi Express XT USB was very quick and easy. I didn’t have to update it online, im not sure if they even have the updates online for it or not but there was no need because it came with a disk and once I inserted the disk it auto started and installed and then my daw recognized my Motu Midi Express XT then I started getting all of my connections right from my keyboards to drum machines and all my external gear.


After having to read the manual that came with the Motu Midi Express XT I finally figured out how to have all the midi running through it. The manual wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to understand, I would rather watch a video on how to do something like this and believe me I looked online and on you tube trying to find a video of someone walking through the steps to set it up but couldn’t find anything. Maybe I will make a video for everyone else on how to do it now since I have it figured out.


If you have a lot of midi gear than you need something to be the brain of it all, and the Motue Midi Express will handle all of that stuff. This rack able unit surprised me with its ability to help in that department. I didn’t think having one single unit to handle midi would work out this well nor didn’t I think that I really needed it. Boy am I glad I got the Motu Midi Express XT .