Gibson A-3
Gibson A-3

A-3, Mandoline from Gibson.

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moosers 09/04/2009

Gibson A-3: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Gibson A3 mandolin was made in the USA and is a pretty standard mandolin in terms of the number of frets. It isn't an acoustic/electric, so it has no pick ups or setting controls. It has a pretty unique body for the mandolin, which is part of what gives it its full bodied sound.


The neck of the Gibson A3 mandolin is very fluid feeling and the instrument is overall very easy to play all around the neck. It stays in tune pretty well, which can be an issue with some cheaper made mandolins. It is an extremely light instrument, and the inherent tone is pretty bright and rich overall.


The Gibson A3 is great for all types of music that you would want to use a mandolin in, including bluegrass, country, rock, pop, and folk. This mandolin has a big and full sound to it that is not found within most mandolins. I have mostly used this mandolin for recording, but it is suitable for live shows and practicing as well as for any type of recording. Overall, the sound quality of the Gibson A3 mandolin is pretty great.


I've been using the Gibson A3 mandolin for about a year and it is one of the most easy to play mandolins that I have played. It has both a rich tone and one that is very bright with the ability to cut through well. The price of the Gibson A3 isn't as cheap as some other mandolins out there, but since it has the Gibson seal you know that you are getting a top notch quality instrument that will sound good and last you for years to come. Gibson is best known for making great guitars, but the Gibson A3 shows that they are capable of making other great instruments as well.