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PaulyPaul 15/10/2012

MXL V69M: Produktbewertung von PaulyPaul (content in English)

"full and rich sound"

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The MXL V69 is a tube microphone with a classic beautiful design and finish on it. It is a large diaphragm condenser microphone with a warm classic sound. The dynamic range on this microphone is very wide and it can pick up a lot of external noise if you are not careful. That is why I don’t suggest using this microphone in a live venue because if there is a lot of noise going on around the microphone it can cause a lot of issues. It comes with a shock mount, power supply and a windscreen and case. This microphone cost less than some really good microphones that have similar specs and it sounds better to me even though it doesn’t cost as much.


It has a 24 carat gold plated grille, which is very stylish and nice. It will look great no matter where you have it sitting at. It is very durable and strong, don’t plan on seeing this microphone dent or even scratch if you drop it. It has a vintage tube sound and a frequency range of 20Hz-18kHz. Polar pattern is cardioid and the sensitivity is 22mV/Pa.

Great mic with the MXL V69, it will give you a great sound and last you a long time. It is a good buy, but if can afford to try a more expensive microphone try out the MXL Genesis microphone, it is basically a step up from this one and I think the sound quality for recording vocals is just a little bit better on the Genesis. But the MXL V69 is still great. The shock mount that comes with it is not that good, it is more of a cheaper one so I would invest a little money into getting a good quality and solid shock mount for the MXL V69. The sound with the MXL V69 is full and rich. Use it in a studio in a well treated space and watch how great the vocal quality of the V69 can be.