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James... 21/12/2011

Bock Audio Bock 251: Produktbewertung von James... (content in English)

"Seriously good mic..."

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Large diaphram tube condenser with power supply. This thing speaks for itself. The 251 is no cheap mic, and I write this review with that in mind. From what I understand these are super rare. I co-manage a studio with a couple of friends of mine who produce. A guy contacted us wanting to sell this for about 4k I believe. He offered to bring it in and let us test so we did. We honestly didn't know much else about it. We ended up buying it though and that right there should tell you something.

The 251 is simply put...that sound you are looking for. It has those huge lows and ever present mids that people dream of when they think of an outstanding vocal performance. We have had ours for about a year now and I would estimate we use it for 80% of the singers that come into the studio. It seems to like all kinds of voices. But it doesn't just do vocals. We frequently use it as a room mic for drums and guitar and even gang vocals. Bock has created something timeless with this mic.


I think I would own one for my home studio if I could find one but they seem to be semi-difficult to find at any reasonable price. It's such a solid feeling and sounding mic in every facet of the word that it's hard to say anything else is better. The manager of our studio to this day says it was the best 4k he ever spent. We want to get another. It's just that good. If you're serious about vocals...this is the one. I'm telling you. It's hard to beat the 251, if you can get a hold of one. Alternatively there are a few Neumman mics and some of the Manley condensers that keep up quite nicely in the same price range.