Shure PG42-LC
Shure PG42-LC
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redjoy 19/01/2014

Shure PG42-LC: Produktbewertung von redjoy (content in English)

"Great for vocals on modern music"

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Tried this condenser mic on a pro studio environment, and also in a room with no acoustic treatment. fairly bright, and a little bit risky for recording a nasally vocalist with a terrible handling on "ss".


It's easily blends on any modern music such as pop, hip hop, electric and dance music, but IMHO it's not for every kind of music. Especially folk, vintage, retro pop music.

In a "bright" condenser mic category, i've tried Neumann TLM 102, TLM 103, Behringer C1, MXL 990, samson C01, and also the famous Rode NT1A, and this PG42 still got it's own tonal character on high mid frequencies.

If you like a strong and detailed low, high-mid, and high frequencies, within a <250$ range, this PG42 mic can be put on your list.

But if you need a vintage sounding, or all-around microphone, then this isn't the one.