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soccerplayer25 27/03/2008

MXL 990: Produktbewertung von soccerplayer25 (content in English)


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The MXL 991 is about as cheap as decent condenser microphones come these days. I've use it a bunch in my small studio home set up, but never at a live performance. I've used it on vocals, acoustic guitars, and horns, among other things. The shape of the mic makes it extremely easy to sing into and to set up.


I've had this microphone for about 2 years now and while I'm not totally in love with the sound it produces, I am in love with the price. With microphones like this being as cheap as they are, its feasible for one to have a pretty decent microphone collection at a very nice price. I have a few other condenser microphones such as the Shure KSM27 and an Audio Technica, so this isn't my top microphone, but I love having it around when I need it. The sound quality isn't perfect, but its decent enough to make demos with and for when I need to set up a few condenser microphones. It comes off a bit thin for me. I do like the mid and low range frequency response on the mic though. It does look and feel a bit cheap though, which I guess it is. While if I could do it again I might spend a few more bucks on a better condenser, but for the price this really can't be beat.