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peepsaudio 08/09/2008

MXL 990: Produktbewertung von peepsaudio (content in English)


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This is a large diaphragm condenser microphone. I got this mic a few years ago as part of a $100 discount package of microphones. They are obviously very cheap and I'll tell you right off the bat that you get what you pay for. This has a standard XLR connection. It requires phantom power to use it. It is a cardioid pickup pattern. There isn't a pad or pickup pattern switch, so that gives it limited versatility. The grille is kind of thick, so that does help a bit with plosives if you want to record any vocals.


I've had this mic for a few years, and have only ever used it a handful of times when traveling so I didn't have to worry about something happening to a nicer mic. It really doesn't sound very good. The bass end sounds thin and under-represented, and the mid-highs are really overdone. Overall the sound is very harsh and unpleasant. The transients seem smeared as well. There is a lack of detail in the ultra-highs, which prevents this mic from sounding smooth. It sounds better than the mic built in to your laptop, but not by all that much. One saving grace of this mic is that it seems to be pretty sturdy. I dropped it off of a desk once and it still performed to the same standard it had before. Clearly this mic is aimed at a beginner's budget studio, and it sounds like it. It's very cheap though, so if you're a beginner just getting started out with recording you could go with this and then upgrade later. I wouldn't get it again, but might recommend it for someone brand new to recording due to the low price.